Chapter 6.2 - Parenting Tips

The Black Widow's Lair
Chapter 6.2

~ Parenting Tips ~

Hello and welcome back to this...mess.


Scarlett's latest boy-toy (Darsh) Temper-tantrumed himself to death

Carly came over to visit again! This time Scarlett is awake and is happy to talk to her oldest daughter.

They even snap a selfie together!

"Guess what, Carly! You're going to have a new sibling in a few days!"

"Seriously, mom?? Why!? You can't keep doing's not right!"

"I didn't ask for your opinion young lady...I just wanted to share my good news with you. The least you could do is be happy for me!"

"I'm happy you're happy...?"

While Scarlett is outside...Gabby is inside taking care of her sister.

"Stop crying little're ok! I'm here..."

"Parenting tips? Really mom!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"



That seriously happened...Scarlett attempted to give Carly parenting tips and Carly laughed at her.

With nothing to do at home

besides taking care of her infant...

Scarlett heads to the nearest bar to scope out potential victims meet new people

Gabby is mourning the loss of Darsh...even though she never met him...

what is with that...???

As you can see...she'll also be bringing home an A the next time she's at school...

But...since it's the weekend... it is at this point that I decide I need to fix the age duration...

She spends the weekend doing various skilling...

Video Gaming...
Playing the Organ...

Oh HI Dennis!!!



"Any chance I can get out of here anytime soon?"


"Come watch the game, bro! We don't have it too bad here...nice comfy couch and free cable!"

"I miss the old ball and chain..."

"Don't be a drag, bro! I'm perfectly happy sitting right here watching the game!"

Oh! Hannah's birthday is happening!!!

Awww...what a cutie :)

Now that Hannah is old enough to be interesting, Scarlett is taking more interest and playing dolls.

So...Gabby is at school...seriously! She is...look at her tab!

Somehow she managed to convince the entire school that she was there ALL day and achieved an A while sitting at home in front of the TV...

While THAT's going on...Scarlett goes into labor.

Into the Nursery we go...

It's twins! Both boys...

This is Iain

And this is Jace

Now that she's "home from school"...

Gabby bakes herself a birthday cake!

She celebrates all by herself...

And heads out into the world to join Aaron, Bane, and Eagon...

~ Next Time ~

Who's watching the Toddler?

Happy Simming!
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