Chapter 3.1 - Unlocked

The Black Widow's Lair
Chapter 3.1

~ Unlocked ~

So you've returned! Good.

Welcome back to the Black Widow's Lair!


Scarlet's 2nd victim guest - Geoffrey Landgraab - succumbed to starvation in the lover's dungeon, and Scarlet is trying to befriend Death.

Dennis Kim's triplets grew into adorable toddlers.

Scarlet gave birth to Geoffrey's daughter - Daunice.

Let's continue!

Remember Felipe Hand? The guy who's had his wall up and rejecting Scarlet so well?

Yea... his wall came down. Hard.

She invited him over and he showed up immediately!

Scarlet is trying a new power on him...I forget what it's called...

Bad Watcher!

Under her alluring illusion - Felipe is putty!

A few more romantic interactions which he happily accepts...

She asks him to join her in the coffin for a new woohoo experience...

Dang-nabbit I forgot to unlock the door! Stay right there!

OK... Let's try this again.

Another request... He's thrilled she asked a second time...

And... sucker

Welcome to your new home!

The illusion is gone and he's still happy. I don't think it's set in yet...

He's feeling flirty and she's pregnant! Congrats?

"I'm going to have your baby!"

"Are you kidding me? That's fantastic!"

He's in shock. That's got to be it... 

And the obligatory photo op... 

Welcome to the Wall of Shame Fame!

After playing so hard to get... not sure if I should feel proud of Scarlet or sorry for Felipe...

Maybe both...

Scarlet's hungry...and out of plasma packs...

What the heck... let's ASK Felipe this time.

"Anything for you, my love."

... wow ...

Gah! Don't let him get to you... it's a Black Widow challenge... he's GOT to die...

Stay strong...

But... they're... beyond my control... 

I think it's time to go check up on our little minions...

Ah yes... minions are minions.

Scarlet!!! Leave your boy toy alone and get in here!!! These messes are driving me crazy!

~ Next Time ~

Flirting with Death

Happy Simming!


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