Chapter 2.1 - Evil has a Heart

The Black Widow's Lair
Chapter 2.1

~ Evil has a Heart ~

Welcome brave soul to our continuing quest of 100 babies!


Scarlet gave birth to triplets - Aaron, Bane, and Carly!

3 down - 97 to go.

Now that she's not pregnant... time to go man hunting!

But first... a vampire came to call...

Nothing to see here... just a friendly sparring match...

Scarlet won... of course Scarlet won...

Now that that's done... back to man hunting!

She invites Felipe out to the nightclub and he accepts! What happened to that wall, dude...

She flirts... he's receptive... at first... then he starts rejecting her. Apparently his conscience got the better of him... good man!

That doesn't deter Scarlet... she moves on to the next male sim there... Geoffrey Landgraab.

He is MORE than receptive... he's rather getting into it.

That "good" trait isn't doing a thing for you here, Geoffrey....

Now that's he's all worked up....

Scarlet invites him home and he happily follows her into her trap.

She lays it on thick and soon he agrees for a romp in the sack.

Don't worry Geoffrey...Nancy will never find out. Trust me.

Geoffrey gets TWO goes since the first time isn't successful.

There it is!

"You're fathering a minion!"

He face says it all...

say "Cheese" sucker...

At least Scarlet got dressed this time!

While she's at it... she's rather thirsty and lunch is standing right in front of her.

The second picture added to the wall of shame.

Vlad comes over and lets himself in...

Where is he going... the nursery!?

is he... FEEDING A BABY!?!?

*gasp* Evil DOES have a heart.

Scarlet takes advantage of his presence to get some training and is soon a minor vampire

*notice she is also trying to still mourn Dennis...*

Then it's time to take a walk and see if she can find anybody new to wine and dine...and spies Nancy Landgraab out hunting for Geoffrey...

"Have you seen my husband? He was last seen with someone wearing sports car red..."

"In this neighborhood lady? It's best to stop looking..."

Well... someone needs to give Nancy something else to worry about...

And Scarlet is happy to oblige.

"Enjoy your nap... I'm sure you won't care a thing about where Geoffrey is when you wake up."

And she's off home to take a bubble bath to erase the tense moodlet from drinking without permission.... what? I had to... she DOES have to pick weaknesses and that was the least damaging...
plus it's rather satisfying to know she'll be tense after every victim.


~ Next Time ~

The triplets grow up
Scarlet is getting soft!

Happy Simming!


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