Chapter 1.1 - Welcome to my Parlor

The Black Widow's Lair
Chapter 1.1

~ Welcome to my Parlor ~

Hello and welcome! I've always wanted to try a black widow challenge...but I'm too nice...

Well...I decided I would just do it.

I'll be completing this on Sims 4, and I'll be doing a 100 Baby Challenge.

The object is to have 100 babies by using a different father for every pregnancy.
The black widow part...well...if you know anything about black widow spiders I'm sure you can figure out the black widow part.

So...without further ado...let's meet our Black Widow

This is Scarlet Burkett

I made sure to give her the "mean" trait... I can't imagine a good sim doing this. 

She has the serial romantic aspiration, but I won't be bothering on getting THAT figured out because she's going to be too busy to get any solid dates. 

I also gave her "creative" because she's going to be painting... a lot... 

And finally...she's a neat sim because... well... imagine if you will a world where 100 toddlers and children are going crazy on their own while their mother is busy seducing and murdering their fathers

I might have just talked myself out of this... yea... 

Moving on!

Scarlet is (naturally) a vampire.

This also means that she can only have human sims father her children, and the only children that count towards the 100 total are the ones that are born vampires.

She's so gorgeous till the dark side comes out... whew!

I moved her onto the empty lot in Forgotten Hollow and quickly built shelter because she was burning up in the sun. The house consists of the covered walk, the main room, and a special little room for her prospective victims guests.

This scenery is so gorgeous...

Also... I provided her with a camera. This was her first picture.

So I had her hang around waiting on the welcome party hoping for a few humans...

We got Caleb. He is of course a vampire so worthless to our purposes.

They seem to get along though so we chat for a bit...she can always use a friend!

After Caleb leaves we head out for the nightclub in San Myshuno.

It's not until we arrive that I realize... the freaking thing is open air!
Several hours of daylight left, so I run her across the open space and under cover.

The only sim in attendance is Zoe Patel... Hi Zoe!

We sit and talk to her for a few minutes while waiting for other people to arrive.

Females... mostly females... where are all the males!?

Finally...our first prospective DNA donor.

Dennis Kim

I feel a little bad because I know he's married with kids (and grandkid) but...

If Scarlet can make a sim cheat that easy then maybe they deserve what she gives them.


I can do this...I can do this...I can do this...

After chatting Dennis up for a while we head home to see if he'll come over.

He does... immediately...

Sorry for the relationship panel being open... I'm still getting used to taking pictures with the UI and I keep forgetting to close things first... It gets better in a few chapters...promise

Things are going swimmingly with our first victim guest.

He hasn't rejected ANY of her advances.

She goes in for the first kiss...

He accepts...


She invites him to stay the night...

"A sleepover? Sounds great!"

Ok Dennis... you're in trouble now...

"Welcome to my parlor"

She asked him for a baby... he's thrilled.
  He's like "yea! Old guy still has it!"

And the Trap is sprung... poor Dennis...

Well...don't feel too bad... 
He just cheated on his wife with a woman younger than his daughter!

Success! Good for you DO still have it...on the first try!

I don't know why Scarlet is thinking about garbage...
either she's unimpressed with her sitting room or...
the cheater in her bed?

We'll end this part here. Short and bittersweet.

~ Next Time ~

Scarlet starts earning some moola
Death comes calling

Happy Simming!


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